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2015, N2, pp. 71-83

S.V. Mazanov, A.R. Gabitova, L.H. Miftahova, R.A. Usmanov, F.M. Gumerov, Z.I. Zaripov, V.A. Vasilev, E.A. Karalyn

Biodiesel Production in Supercritical Fluid State Using Heterogeneous Catalysts

Catalytic and non-catalytic transesterification of rapeseed oil in ethanol at supercritical fluid conditions with exposure to ultrasonic reactive environment are studied at 623 653 K, 30 MPa and molar alcohol-to-oil ratios 12 : 1 and 18 : 1. The effect of heterogeneous catalysts on the reaction rate us revealed. Correlation between the fatty acids ethyl esters content in biodiesel and kinematic viscosity of the reaction product is established.

Key words: transesterification, heterogeneous catalysts, fatty acids ethyl esters, thermal decomposition, kinematic viscosity


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