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2007, 1

D.Yu. Zalepugin, N.A. Tilkunova, V.S. Mishin, E.N. Glukhan, I.V. Chernysheva, V.L. Korolev

Formation of Porosity in Bioresorbable Polymers by their Treatment in Gaseous, Liquid and Supercritical Carbon Dioxide

Methods of processing of bioresorbable polymers (polylactide and polylactide/ polyglycolide copolymers) in gas, liquid and supercritical media are studied. It is shown that processing of such polymers in supercritical medium results in high amounts of carbon dioxide absorbed in a polymer matrix. The following desorption of carbon dioxide leads to the creation of highly developed porosity (up to 2 cm3/g). The treatment of the polymers under study with liquid and gaseous carbon dioxide gives the total pore volume of 0.1 ÷ 0.3 cm3/g.

Key words: polymers, porosity, supercritical fluids, carbon dioxide.

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