Сверхкритические флюиды. Теория и практика
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2007, №1

Yu.E. Gorbaty

Spectroscopic Techniques for Studying Liquids and Supercritical Fluids at High Temperatures and Pressures

Various experimental approaches and cells for spectroscopic studies at high temperatures and pressures (up to 500 °C and 1000÷1500 bar) are described. The cells for absorption spectroscopy cover a wide range of light radiation from mid IR to ultraviolet. The use of a simple Raman cell, either with microscope or directly in the sample compartment of a spectrometer, is discussed in detail. It is worth noticing that all designs under consideration provide high accuracy of quantitative measurements.

Key words: high temperatures, high pressures, supercritical fluids, vibrational spectroscopy, UV-Vis absorption spectroscopy.

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