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2007, №1

F. M. Gumerov, V.A. Alyaev, S.N. Mikhailova, V.K. Panfilovich, B. Le Neindr

Combined Radiation-Conduction Heat Transfer in Sub- and Supercritical Fluid Media

Theoretical and experimental studies of combined radiation-conduction heat transfer in flat layers of hydrocarbons in sub- and supercritical regions of parameters are reviewed. Within a narrow temperature region around the critical point the radiation constituent of thermal conductivity approaches nil, but outside it the radiant flux can be comparable with the conductive one. It must be noted that this important factor must be taken into account while the equipment for several processes involving hydrocarbons is developed. This is of special importance for such processes as heavy oil treatments and fractionation, which employ propane, pentane, hexane, toluene and other hydrocarbons in sub- and supercritical state. The neglect of this factor may lead to non-optimal and even incorrect technical solutions and also to unjustified material and energetic expenses on the stage of industrial implementation.

Key words: supercritical fluids, thermal conductivity, hydrocarbons.

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